Piecing A Legacy: A 1930’s Dust Bowl Quilt

With the perspective of youth, Dennis McCann observed, “Those must have been depressing times, those long ago days of bread and milk, of feedbag clothes, and canned tumbleweed dinners. Of little or nothing.” Jane Tamse countered in her feeble, quivering voice, “Those were frugal days, but they left us with …

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The Quiltmaker as Artist


“As a creative person, you are especially sensitive to the world around you.” -Matt Tommey The word makes me uncomfortable. It conjures up projects that are too grandiose for a person like me to create. Using the word stops progress on my work. Even today, it is difficult to for …

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Irish Patchwork: Piecing Frugality and Necessity

 “When life gives you scraps, Make quilts” -anonymous My mother’s diary is filled with entries describing the latest finished quilt square that she hand-stitched in cabin camps, tents and a tiny wooden trailer while moving from job to job with my father during the 1930’s Dust Bowl. As a young …

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