Books by Cleo Lampos

Riding the Rails to Home: A Newsie Rides the Orphan Train

Stephen Reily finds relief from living on the streets. He gets a job as a newsie, selling newspapers during the day and living at the Newsboys’ Boarding House. Sleeping on a cot, eating a hot meal, and attending classes at night help Stephen to survive. But his heart longs for a home, a place to belong. But who would adopt a street kid from Five Points, New York City in the late 1800’s?

Selected to ride the orphan train, Stephen encounters difficult circumstances until he is chosen to live on a farm in Nebraska. Through the patience of the couple who foster Stephen, he faces his fears. He struggles with forgiveness and faith in a God who he cannot see. Only a quilt square reminds Stephen of his dying mother and sister, who was sent to an orphanage. How will the women of the town use this scrap of fabric to comfort Stephen? Can a cast-off child find a home? A place to belong?

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Piecing Fabrics – Mending Lives: The History, Philosophy and Ingenuity of Quilters

Every quilt tells a story. Within its stiches are the dreams, the challenges, the tears and the joy of the quilter. Binding the fabric is the history of the circumstances that propelled many woman-hours of creation. Cleo Lampos seeks to understand the stories of these textile masterpieces. She looks beyond the initial stunning design to investigate the imagination of the quilter, the cultural issues surrounding the creation, and the innovations needed to complete the project. Join Cleo Lampos as she discusses the Art of Gaman, Irish Patchwork, Quilts for the Thin Blue Line, Amish quilters, the women from Gee’s Bend. Discover the historical and philosophical underpinnings that inspire other movements in stitchery. Enrich your journey into the hearts, minds and souls of quilters by reading the accounts of everyday women who discover how life-giving their quilting can be. Every quilt tells a story. They are an essential building block of the culture that is making them. Be inspired by the women who work with fabrics and the stories they tell.

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The Dust Bowl: Living in Tough Times

How does one live in difficult circumstances? How does the depravity of youth affect the productivity of adulthood? How does a mother feed her children in a world of swirling dust? How does a farmer plant a crop in a drought with roiling Black Blizzards scraping off the top soil? How can a person find relief from a parched soul? These essays invite the reader into the world of the Dust Bowl. To a decade where perseverance and hope kept ranchers scratching on piles of dirt. It is an opportunity to learn from history the key to surviving in the midst of difficulties.

The 1930’s produced a Great Depression that caused families to live in poverty for a decade. In the Great Plains, Black Blizzards scraped the top soil from farms and blew the soil to the Atlantic Ocean. Ranchers and homesteaders faced foreclosures and ruination. Many packed their belongings into a beat-up car and headed to California. The majority of people stayed and faced the hostile environment with the hope of “next year things will be better.” From the experiences of those who lived in the Great Plains, Cleo Lampos has framed a series of glimpses into the daily life of the people who struggled in the Dust Bowl. Their fears and triumphs, hopes and challenges are penned with insight. How does one live in tough times? Read this tribute to those who persevered during an important period in our country’s past.

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Rescuing Children: Teachers, Social Workers, Nuns and Missionaries Who Stepped in the Shadows to Rescue WaifsRescuing Children: Teachers, Social Workers, Nuns and Missionaries Who Stepped in the Shadows to Rescue Waifs

Rescuing Children explores the compelling work of Irean Sendler and the Warsaw Ghetto, Jane Addams and the Hull House, Dr. Thomas Barnardo and his work with orphanages, Gladys Aylward and China’s orphans, Amy Carmicheal and India’s Temple children, Sister Irene and Charles Loring Brace and their orphan trains, and Bertha Bracey and the Kindertransport. Each of these individuals faced the social issues of their time head-on…Issues that mirror many modern challenges. From the past, we learn to deal with the present and prepare for the future.

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Dust Between the Stitches

Addy Meyer wants to teach children in a one room school house in Colorado during the 1930’s Dust Bowl. Black Blizzards, the Board of Education, and bank president overwhelm her. Addy falls in love with the orphans her grandfather adopted, and her students, but vows to guard her heart against Jess Dettmann, who has a suspicious past. Foreclosure on grandpa’s homestead threatens the security of all of them. Creating a quilt from Grandma’s stash pile serves as a way for Addy to cope, but eventually leads to help and justice for her family. Despair, dust and drought weave through the Great Depression and Dust Bowl producing a fabric on which vivid threads of hope appear. Will Addy save the farm, her job, and her heart on the Colorado ranch?

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Teaching Diamonds in the Tough book coverTeaching Diamond in the Tough: A Teacher’s Devotional

Finding the potential in students is challenging regardless of the setting, be it public school, private school, church clubs, youth groups, or Sunday school. Through illustrative episodes drawn from her teaching experiences, this devotional encourages teachers to work and pray past the struggles and heartbreaks teachers face.

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A Mother’s Song

“I love you, Ava Rose,” she whispered.

“I love you enough to give you life.”


All Irish immigrant Deirdre O’Sullivan has ever wanted is a home and a family. But her dreams didn’t include living in a cramped tenement in Five Points, New York, with the disillusioned love of her life. Nor could she have imagined that, each day, she’d be torn away from her children to work for low wages in the steamy laundry of a hotel just to survive. Then tragedy strikes twice, and Deirdre struggles with the ultimate act of love—to give her children the chance to live and blossom…without her.

When Nebraska homesteaders Sam and Claudine Thompson lose their third baby, she retreats into hopelessness, convinced that the secrets of her past won’t ever allow her to be a mother. Then one day the orphan train rolls into town. Claudine insists, “A baby is out there crying. And he’s crying for me,” and hurries toward the railroad station.

Strawberry-blond-haired Ava Rose, four years old, waits on the railroad platform, watching over her fragile baby brother and clinging to hope. Neither has any idea they’ll not only fulfill the deepest longings of two mothers, but will also kick off legacies of hope for numerous others who live with poverty and prejudice.

A poignant tale of hope and courage amidst unfathomable odds.

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Second Chances

Zoey Pappas grew up in a one-stoplight town. Now she’s landed her dream job as the fifth grade teacher at the urban Diamond Projects School, but can she handle it? Her family laid odds that she won’t. Zoey know s her cows, but she’s never dealt with students from drug-infested, crime-ridden communities. Her Greek family wants her to work in the family restaurant and earn her M.R.S. degree. Zoey wants to prove herself, but she has met a muscled Irish cop who has been assigned to work with her as the Drug Awareness officer. He’s too efficient, to cocky, and too… handsome.

Ever since Officer Gavien Corrigan pulled Zoey’s car over on her first day of school for driving on a one way street in a neighborhood known for violence, he’s been captivated by her.

Thoughts of the new teacher crowd in with the family responsibilities that overshadow his life. His bullet proof vest is lighter than the secret blame he carries on his shoulders. He believes that God is in control of lives, but sometimes wonders if God has forgotten him.

As the two are thrust together in the concrete jungle where everyone needs second chances, will Zoey and Gavin find their own second chances…together?

Zoey learns of unconditional love as she becomes friends with Carole Milner and her husband who is wheelchair bound with multiple sclerosis. As she watches the couple cope with MS, Zoey desires to fall in love like them. Multiple sclerosis does not define their relationship, love does.

A deaf student is mainstreamed into Zoey’s class, so she enters the world of the deaf and hard of hearing. It moves Zoey to deeper compassion for the parents and foster parents in her classroom.

Anyone who has been a teacher, or loves children will enjoy this romance that brings the country girl into the urban scene. A fresh look at chaplains working in jail ministry, drug rehab and foster care are included in this novel set in the inner city. The influence of Greek immigrant ideas are also explored. Will Zoey make it in the big city?

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Cultivating Wildflowers: An Urban Teacher Romance (Teachers of Diamond Project School Book 3)

Summer isn’t looking good for Alana Alcott, an urban teacher of gifted students. She’s been court ordered to teach summer school with Outward Bound instructor Mike Reynolds. Their students? Five unruly foster kids whose stories of abandonment mirror Alana’s own childhood more than she wants to admit.

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Miss Bee and the Do Bees

Roni stared up into the deep brown eyes of the medic.
Since when did the mere sight of a mature male make her lose her focus?

Special education teacher Veronica Bagedonas is passionate about her work with behavior-disordered children. Teaching is her life, but nothing could prepare her for the shock of her class list this year, which includes two students infamous for reducing seasoned teachers in the Chicago Public School system to incoherent babbling. It doesn’t help, either, that Sunny, her new “Barbie doll” teacher’s assistant, is an everyday reminder of all Roni lacks. By the age of thirty-two, her hope of marriage has vanished. So why then does she find herself unsettled whenever Joe, the medic, is around school?

Joe Milanovich, the school liaison for the fire department, is intrigued by the jaunty, gutsy “Miss Bee.” But the pain of his if onlys never seems to leave his heart, driving away any potential relationship. It’s been three years since the tragedy, but the event is still imprinted on his mind like it was yesterday. If only his tour of duty had been one month shorter, maybe his mother and brother would still be alive….

As Joe and Roni navigate the tough urban school, dangerous neighborhood, and their own scars, might their longing for acceptance and home be met…in each other?

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Grandpa’s Remembering Book

This is a family friendly story of a family who brings Grandpa into the  living quarters. Alzheimer’s Disease has clouded his memory. Together, the family works with a scrap book and scripted prompts to help Grandpa remember the people, places and events of his life. The illustrations are tender and bring the emotions of the family to the reader.  Sensitive. Helpful to those who face memory loss.

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