Historical Book Reports: The Key to Success

The dreaded book report. The bane of every high school student’s life.


But it does not have to be so difficult with just a bit of structure and guidance.  Book Report Insights will open three historical fiction novels to the hearts and minds of teen readers. With an overview of the book, a highlight of vocabulary words and questions to guide the comprehension of each chapter, the drama and trauma of reading is gone. An easy to follow outline for a written book report is provided.

Reading historical novels is important for the younger generation. By understanding the past with its challenges and triumphs, an encouraging view of the future is nurtured. Three historic novels are available with Book Report Insights. These aides to teachers, parents and students have evolved from a deep desire to share important concepts with today’s youth.

Riding the Rails to Home: A Newsie Rides the Orphan Train

This novel presents the life of a newsie in New York City during the late 1800’s. The reader enters the world of homeless boys who sell newspapers for a meager living. Some ride the orphan train in hopes of finding a new life Out West. Stephen O’Reilly desperately wants to belong to a family, and takes the chances it involves. The research for this book covered the lives of myriads of orphan train riders, but was written with one young man in mind.



Dust Between the Stitches

What would it be like to live during the Dust Bowl with Black Blizzards, drought and poverty? As a school teacher, Addy Meyer faces the foreclosure of her grandpa’s farm as well as the loss of her job. Quiltmaking, one of the frugal crafts of the Great Depression utilizing feed sacks, is highlighted in this novel based on personal diaries and boxes of letters from this era of the 1930’s.



A Mother’s Song

Irish immigration to New York City is front and center to this novel from the 1800’s. Covering several decades, the difficulties of settling the new land is presented in several contexts. The orphan train’s role in rescuing so many children from orphanages by placing them with farm families is central. A story of legacy and family.


All books and e-books are available on amazon.com.

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