Stitching a Marriage Together

“Marriage is like quilting, it takes some work but is worth it.”     

– jeanequilts

The gray clouds shattered the warmth of the sun, leaving the guests with chilly fingers but warm hearts. Shakopee, Minnesota in May should have been warmer, but this Saturday proved to be one of the coldest temperatures for several decades. Figures. Travis and Jamie planned an outdoor wedding calculating on the cooperation of the thermometer.

The tent on the front drive and the newly landscaped back yard opened onto the immaculate garage filled with decorations by a creative mother of the bride who obviously had done the craft fair circuit. The charm and personal decorations filled the spaces with an aura of uniqueness. That’s where the best surprise of all rested.

In the corner of the patio, an antique table with a burlap wrapped basket sat with an invitation to write a message to the happy couple on a nine inch marbled gray quilt square. Several frames were provided so the writing would be contained in the proper space. Picking up a felt pen, the words of marital encouragement flowed in permanent ink onto the fabric. Other had written equally poetic phrases for Travis and Jamie. It took little imagination to visualize a completed quilt that the couple could use for cuddling as they watched a romantic film.

What an excellent idea. This snuggle sized comforter doubles as a guest book of those who attended the wedding. The sashings mirror the theme colors of the apartment. The personal nature of this masterpiece in fabric lets the couple envelope themselves in the love and good wishes of so many. A constant reminder to them that “we have your back.”

Jennifer Chiaverini describes a marriage in the terms of a quilt.  “The union of their shared lives could be a masterpiece, even if the colors of one piece clashed with another, even if uneven stitches showed, even if, from time to time, they had to pick out seams, realign the pieces and sew them back together again. It would not be perfect, but it could be beautiful, if they worked together and persevered.” This description from Chiaverini’s book, The Wedding Quilt, is my prayer for Travis and Jamie.

Friends. Quilts. Combined, they provide warmth for a new marriage on a cold May day.


Quilting photos found on Pinterest and Flickr.

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