Jianna, Syrian Christian: Pray for Syria

Jianna, Syrian Christian

Pray for Syria

By Cleo Lampos

Jianna walked into our church, then into our hearts and consciousness one Sunday morning in September, 2013.

She heard the singing and decided to slip into the back pew. Our pastor, Phil Leo, seldom prays for countries or political issues, but that day, he prayed for Syria. Jianna’s country from which she escaped and received refugee status here in the United States. After the service, she introduced herself to several persons. The rest, as they say, is history.

Living with her brother’s family, she is navigating the American culture after enduring bombs and missile attacks at the university in Aleppo, Syria, where she studied as a first semester senior. Her education cut short, Jianna needs to find a job, so she will be going to Syracuse where another brother lives and has work connections for her. Each of us who has spoken with Jianna and seen her slide/video presentation of the persecuted church in Syria will not forget her simple plea: pray.

On November 3, International Day of Prayer will be observed across the world. As Christians, we need to pray for our fellow believers who live in the Middle East where daily persecution occurs. Bombing, harassment, imprisionment, loss of home. These brothers and sisters live in a violent world with hearts of love and forgiveness. All they ask is that the churches in free countries pray for them

I know what I will be doing on November 3. Will you join me?


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