Patchwork Scarves: Sewing for Warmth

“I think a perfect-color scarf really brings out your whole skin tone, lip color and everything else.”- Jessica Jung

Patchwork Scarves_ Sewing for Warmth

It has been a long, cold winter. One day slogs into another with nothing but more snow, icy roads and a shivering of the body. Even in a library or mall, the feeling of warmth is almost an illusion. That is, unless one wraps a patchwork scarf around the neck to ward off drafts of frigid air that cool the skin.

These scarves can color coordinate with any plain colored sweat or long sleeve tee shirt or turtleneck. A bevy of them in the closet insures that the standard winter wardrobe has a jolt of interest. Color, texture and visual patterns are the key ingredients for dressing with style and toasty success. Bridgit Mendler states, “In terms of fashion, I love adding a fun scarf to whatever I’m wearing-it’s a great way to dress up a plain outfit.”

To keep the cost down, check out old flannel shirts, or scarves that have severed their purpose. Bring out that bag of sewing scraps. Pull out a coordinated fat quarter for a unified look. Patches of heavier materials like wool tweed, or lighter fabrics like silk can be lined with cashmere. Cut, dye, sew, embellish and re-use these prize pieces of fabrics to create one-of-a kind masterpieces of neck warmers.

Scarf made by JourneyHome Crafts

For sew-ers who are quilters, this project is easier than threading a needle. Most scarves can be made from 9” x 6” pieces of fabrics. Start with 18 rectangles. A lengthier scarf will require more pieces.  Long strips of scrappy fabric can also be utilized. Vary the placement of the pieces so that no two of the same fabric are next to each other when sewing. Press the seams open. Place the two strips of stitched material together, then stitch along the outside, leaving a 6” opening on one side to turn the scarf right side out.  Sew the opening shut.

A backing can be used on one side of the scarf if the material on the side that is showing will be of heavier texture. Using light weight fabric makes a more reversible scarf.

The variations on the patchwork scarf project are limited only by fabric and imagination. It is a unique way to bring sparkle to a wardrobe or increase neck coverage for a winter coat. Either way, the satisfaction of a scarf well-made cannot be beaten.

Patchwork scarves.  Who knew that style and warmth could be so easy and affordable?

“Money doesn’t buy elegance. You can take an inexpensive sheath, add a pretty scarf, gray shoes, and a wonderful bag, and it will always be elegant.”

                                                                                      -Carolina Herrera

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