Quilt Cakes

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“A party without cake is just a meeting.”  – Julia Childs


It’s on the bucket list. Someday I am making a quilt cake. There are a number of reasons why this activity is intriguing, do-able and emotionally satisfying.

Making Art –Changing Moods

A quilt cake is a culinary delight that effects the emotions. Thankfully, no one needs to have the talent of Picasso or Monet to master the art of slathering frosting on a gourmet delight. Even at a kindergarten skill level, the mood-boosting results that one enjoys from attempting a craft is impressive. Activities such as knitting, quilting, jam-making, painting, writing, musical performances and cake decorating produce an “upward spiral” emotional boost that extends even into the next day.  They provide the most stress relief and fulfillment for women. When the creative product (such as a lavishly frosted quilt design on a delectable cake) is shared with others, mood improvement is noticeable.

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Baking as Flourishing

Baking has long been touted as a form of therapy, especially for depression. That satisfaction from pulling out a tray of spice cookies, or the scent of freshly-baked bread has a psychological term: “flourishing”. Flourishing describes the feeling of personal growth, and in this case, baking is connected with positive feelings. Baking allows an avenue for creative expression. Because baking requires the baker to focus on the task of measuring, adding ingredients and physically placing the raw ingredients in a dish, these acts of mindfulness can result in stress reduction. Culinary art therapy from baking requires concentration, which staves off sad or depressing thoughts. The delicious end results are emotionally satisfying. Baking is way to gain control over life’s problems.

Sugarlicious Cakes by Helen

Quilting and Baking as Expressions of Love

Stitchers enjoy piecing masterpieces of fabric to give away. Bakers beat their batter for the overall sense of well-being felt when their enticing efforts are enjoyed by others. Quilts and cakes are helpful ways to communicate deep feelings. Both products are created because no words are needed to show thanks, appreciation or sympathy. A colorfully-bound quilt, or a fancifully frosted cake expresses the heart and soul of the maker who wants to communicate love.

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Combined Comfort

Combining the two ultimate expressions of comfort is a satisfyingly creative act. Taking the patterns, colors and designs from the quilting experience to smother a mouth-watering sheet cake with buttercream is suitable for any occasion: baby showers, anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, patriotic events, or office promotions.

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It is only a matter of taste and creativity.

 Quilted Cakes: The ultimate comforter.

“Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”   – Minnie Mouse

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