Quilt Cookies – Combining Sewing and Baking

“One yard of fabric, like one cookie, is never enough.”

                                                                   -Quilter chalkboard sign PDF

Photo from Glorious Treats by Glory

My love of cookies is unabashed and a cause of concern every Saturday when stepping on the scales at Weight Watchers. There isn’t a cookie that has failed to incite salivation. The aroma of these tasty treats baking provides one of the free pleasures in life.

Quilting is a passion of mine, also. In younger years, the creation of functional fabric comforters filled many an hour and delighted my family. In recent times, I have been writing about the lives of quilters and their styles of stitching and piecing . I taught a quilting class at a senior extension center that was well received, even when no product was produced. Exalting the quilter was the goal and the audience appreciated the personal nature of the message.

Baking and quilting.  As they say, “When life gives you hands, make handmade.” The combination is logical.

Enter into my life, a catalog from a baking company. Browsing through the pages, the blocks of wafer paper quilt designs caught my eye. I could do this. It seemed to be within my skill level. After calling the Fancy Flours representative, an order for cookie cutters, Royal Icing and the quilt wafers soon arrived. Using a family sugar cookie recipe, a set of quilted cookies was ready for my family in two days. There are some adjustments in the process to be made, such as the size of the cookie and not using piping. The whole experience proved personally fulfilling.

Edible Wafer Paper from fancyflours.com

The photos in the flour catalog of finished cookies from other edible wafer sets inspire me to branch out into other motifs. Until then, I will try to develop my abilities to bake and decorate patchwork cookies for the presentations that I give, and for my friends in quilting bees.

Photo from fancyflours.com

The real pros in baking and decorating are the frosting experts who only use their imagination and a batch of Royal Icing to create artistic sugar cookies too pretty to eat.

Quilt Cookies-Photo by cookie Crazie

Some cookie decorators, like Grace Yaskovic, take the basic lines of a quilt pattern to produce their quilt cookies. Piping the design gives the eater a hint of the traditional pattern before chomping into a buttery sugar cookie.

Piped-on frosting quilt cookies by Grace Yaskovic, NJ photo by Taste of Home

My family applauded my efforts at combining my enjoyment of baking and sewing and encouraged me to hone the craft. It is a creative avenue for this woman who loves her munchies and appreciates great design.

After all, home is filled with delectable cookies- and a cozy quilt to wrap up in when sampling.

Photo by Quilt Cuisine-Cookie Connection

There are many places on line to get inspiration.

Cookies and Quilts by Judy Martin











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