Feeding the Mind: Pack Horse Library Project

pack horse librarians

“With no money to feed the body, how could they feed the mind?”- Eleanor Roosevelt Wanted: Librarians The search for dedicated women to serve as librarians began with the impetus of Eleanor Roosevelt as she cooperated with the WPA, Work Project Administration. The WPA was created by her husband, President…

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Piecing a Legacy: A 1930 Quilt Story

With the perspective of youth, Dennis McCann observed, “Those must have been depressing times, those long ago days of bread and milk, of feedbag clothes, and canned tumbleweed dinners. Of little or nothing.” Jane Tamse countered in her feeble, quivering voice, “Those were frugal days, but they left us with…

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Dust Pneumonia: When Breathing is Deadly

Dust Pneumonia Dust pneumonia. A respiratory illness that slithered like a snake across the Texas Panhandle, Oklahoma, and Colorado during the 1930’s. The continual coughing jag, high fever, nausea, chest pains and shortness of breath signaled the dreaded condition. Old people succumbed. Those afflicted with bronchitis, asthma or tuberculosis breathed…

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